Top Car Insurance Companies in Florida

Top Car Insurance Compaies in Florida

If you look online for the best auto insurance in Florida, you'll almost certainly find results that show you the lowest rates. GEICO, Progressive, and State Farm are often the best auto insurance company in Florida. The cheapest rate, however, does not always imply the best value. Other essential variables to examine are customer reviews and how simple it is to file a claim with the insurer for cheap car insurance in Florida.

Many insurance companies offer young drivers discounts, such as excellent student discounts, college students, or discounted premiums for those who take a defensive driving course. Here you will get a quick glimpse of the list of the top car insurance company in Florida.

Best Cheap Car Insurance in Florida for 2021

Here is the list of Top car insurance companies in Florida that helps you with an array of services that caters to all Florida Car Insurance Coverage policies.

1. State Farm

Due to its varied coverage options and bundling discounts, State Farm is the best option for full top-rated car insurance companies in Florida.State Farm has two separate safe driving services to assist you to save money on your car insurance. State farm comes with numerous services that help users with impressive facilities.

The drive and safe application help you in mileage-based applications with the help of your smartphones that offer 30 percent discounts.

Headquarters: Bloomington, Illinois, United States
Number of employees: 57,672 (2019)
CEO: Michael L. Tipsord (Sep 2015)
Revenue: 7,939.5 crores USD (2019)
Founder: George J. Mecherle
Founded: 7 June 1922


GEICO provides an excellent blend of service, convenience, and coverage without overcharging and becoming a cheap car insurance company in florida. 

GEICO customers may reach out to someone 24 hours a day to submit a claim, get emergency help, and more. Customer assistance is available by phone and mobile app 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For inhabitants of Florida who do not speak English as a first language, there is even a specialised Spanish-language customer service team.

Headquarters: Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States
CEO: Todd Combs (1 Jan 2020)
Founded: 1936, Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Number of employees: 40,000
Founders:  Sr., Lillian Goodwin


USAA, which provides unbeatable pricing and service to members of the armed services, is the best vehicle insurance option for military families in Florida.
It's simple to update your coverage with USAA. If your vehicle is kept in long-term storage, you may be able to save a lot of money on coverage during your deployment.

USAA Suits the best for military people for low rates and outstanding services.

Customer service: 00 1 210-498-2722
Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas, United States
Revenue: 3,561.7 crores USD (2019)
CEO: Wayne Peacock (1 Feb 2020)
Number of employees: 32,896 (2017)
Founded: 20 June 1922, San Antonio, Texas, United States
Subsidiaries: USAA Life Insurance Company, MORE


Young drivers may find Progressive's Snapshot programme appealing since it provides an incentive for safe driving behaviour, which can lead to a cheaper rate. Snapshot enrollment, on the other hand, should be approached with prudence.

Progressive was voted best car insurer for young drivers because of its low rates and safe driving programmes for new licences.

CEO: Tricia Griffith (1 Jul 2016–)
Headquarters: Mayfield, Ohio, United States
Revenue: 4,265.8 crores USD (2020)
Founded: 10 March 1937
Founders: Joseph Lewis, Jack Green

5. Farm Bureau

Florida Farm Bureau distinguishes itself out by providing some of the most affordable auto insurance rates for seniors in a country like Florida.

Although there is no advertising discount for vehicle insurance customers who join in extra services, having all of these needs addressed by the same business has a convenience element.

Representatives from the Florida Farm Bureau are available via phone and in local offices across the state, which may be excellent for seniors who are feeling left behind by the insurance industry's quickly evolving technology.

Founded: 1949

Parent Organization: Michigan Farm Bureau

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While vehicle insurance premiums in Florida are among the highest in the country, we prioritised cost and value while analysing the 5 insurers we considered for our research. We compared these quotes to coverage options, service quality, and corporate reputation based on predetermined information supplied on each provider's separate website to calculate the overall valuation of each provider.